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Vicenzi Lady Fingers 400g

Vicenzi Lady Fingers 400g

Matilde Vicenzi, a traditional family owned and operated business since 1905, specializes in high quality mouthwatering Italian Patisserie. Vicenzi brings the excellence of Italian patisserie to a worldwide market and your table.

The company was founded by Matilde Vicenzi, a charismatic and entrepreneurial woman at the beginning of the century and whose traditional Italian recipes are still the basis of this family business today. Matilde wrote all her recipes in a small notebook with love and accuracy of a bygone era and this precious book is still kept safely by the company today.

Over the century many of the Vicenzi family have entered the business, particularly Matilde’s son Angelo and her grandchildren, Giuseppe, Mario and Beppina. In his early twenties, Giuseppe’s curiosity took him to England to research the “secrets of those inventors of dry pastries”. Today, Giuseppe is a worthy heir and CEO of his grandmothers’ vision and entrepreneurship and has taken the family business to the high quality production we see today.

The Vicenzi Group has one of the largest ranges of traditional Italian products and stands out as a premium manufacturer of fresh delicious assorted pastries, cakes and biscuits not only in Italy but worldwide.

The name Matilde Vicenzi speaks for itself across Italy and the world in patisserie and their biscuits bring the joy of a sweet treat to you the consumer in true Italian tradition that originates from the great Vicenzi family passion that has been handed down from generation to generation. Vicenzi biscuits are unique, full of goodness, flavour and fragrance and have unrivalled versatility; Vicenzi biscuits are a timeless classic, perfect alongside your favourite coffee or tea.

Serve them as a morning or afternoon snack, a sweet treat with your lunch or as a delicious finale to your dinner; your guests will no doubt keep coming back for more.

Use Vicenzi lady fingers in your favourite tiramisu recipe or as a base to your traditional English trifle; use Amarettio biscuits as a delicious flavoursome base to your cheesecakes or add to your fruit crumble topping; or use Vicenzi puff pastry to embellish your summer millefeuille or homemade fresh cream slices.

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