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Sunita Pepper Stuffed Green Olives 265g

Sunita Pepper Stuffed Green Olives 265g

Sunita Speciality Olives
Classic Greek, Spanish & Moroccan olives

Sunita offers a wide range of speciality olives: Greek Kalamon, Green & Black Olives, Spanish Manzanilla Green Olives, Moroccan Marinated Black & Green Olives.

As well as the traditional pitted and un-pitted olives Sunita also offers Garlic Stuffed Greek Green Olives, Pimento Stuffed Spanish Manzanilla Green Olives and Moroccan Marinated Black or Green Olives with Herbs de Provence.

All our olives are grown the traditional way and carefully hand-picked to avoid damage to their delicate skins. Each olive is selected for ripeness, plucked at just the right moment. These olives bruise less, and taste sublimely rich. All our producers hand-pick the olives to guarantee the highest quality olive is selected for the Sunita Olives.

Our Greek Kalamon Olives are the king of Greek table olives, beloved and popular Kalamon olives are deep purple, with tight, snappy, shiny skin, and a distinctive almond shape. They're typically preserved in red wine vinegar for a distinctive rich, smoky, fruity flavour.

Our Greek Green Olives are the Konservoila variety; a large, oval, finely textured olive with a smooth unique flavour.

Our Spanish Manzanilla Olives are from Sevilla in the Andalucia region of southern Spain. They are finely textured with a smooth unique flavour. Our Moroccan Black & Green Olives are marinated with a little oil and laced with Herbs de Provence to give a delicious aromatic flavour.

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