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Ricciardi Traditional Fresella with Wheat Flour 375g

Ricciardi Traditional Fresella with Wheat Flour 375g

Wet the bread with a little water and add tomatoes, olive oil and oregano or a topping of your choice.

Ricciardi Biscotti

Our versatile range of Italian Ricciardi Biscotti are all a special blend of wheat flour, olive oil, salt, spices and herbs which are still produced to the traditional Ricciardi family recipes.

Our baked Ricciardi Taralli or Treccine comprises a thin filo pastry closed loop bagel and are similar in texture to a breadstick or pretzel.

Traditionally an Italian snack food and often eaten at parties and celebrations, guests would end the evening saying “tarallucci and wine, the best way to end an evening.”

The Ricciardi bagel production line follows specific procedures from mixing to the natural rising to forming and finishing with double baking. Each bagel is boiled first and then baked in the oven; the double baking or cooked twice ensures the traditional crisp texture and beautiful golden colouring that has become the Ricciardi Biscotti trademark.

Our twice baked Ricciardi bagels are perfect served as a hors d’oeurvre complimented by one of o