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Alimenti Dallari Polenta Bramata - Stone Ground Polenta 1kg

Alimenti Dallari Polenta Bramata - Stone Ground Polenta 1kg

Polenta bramata or coarse cornmeal is the most common and versatile Italian polenta. It is a rustic, stone-milled, moderately coarse corn flour, and is boiled and cooked with butter for a classic Italian side dish. In traditional Italian cuisine, polenta is eaten with a knob of butter and stracchino cheese. Polenta bramata can also be used as a bed for meat, fish or mushrooms. Try coating fish and potato chips in the fine polenta bramata before roasting or frying for a crispy outer coating. In the USA, this coarse cornmeal is also known as grits, and is most often used to make cornbread, cornmeal cookies, or even in gluten-free cakes.

Cooking instructions for 4-5 people: Boil approx 2 litres of water, adding a tbsp of salt. Slowly add 500g polenta, stirring frequently for around 40-50 minutes until required firmness is achieved. Serve immediately.

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