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Granoro Spaghetti with Quinoa Flour 400g

Granoro Spaghetti with Quinoa Flour 400g

  • ranoro Gluten Free Pasta

    Granoro range of gluten free pastas are produced using corn, rice and quinoa and Granoro gluten free lasagne is made from corn and rice.

    Gluten free Granoro pasta comes with a balanced mix of corn, rice and quinoa flours which produces beautiful colour, delicious flavour and the perfect texture. Sourced from high quality traditional farmers around the world, corn and rice are classed as cereals but quinoa is classed as a ”pseudo cereal” as it does not belong to the genus grasses like wheat but belongs to the same family as spinach and beet. Quinoa is totally gluten free and therefore completely suitable for coeliac and due to its high protein content makes an excellent alternative to animal proteins.

    Granoro range of pasta’s and lasagne are extremely nutritious being the perfect mix of ingredients for a balanced intake of fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein.

    The beautiful deep yellow of our Granoro gluten free pasta together with the aroma, flavour and texture gives a rich bowl full of Italy at any dining table, drizzled with your favourite Sunita Bruschetta or Pesto sauce and topped off with a sprinkling of Sunita organic Kalamon olives and fresh grated parmesan.


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