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Granoro Organic Wholegrain Durum Wheat Spaghetti 500g

Granoro Organic Wholegrain Durum Wheat Spaghetti 500g

Granoro Organic Pasta

Our Granoro range of organic wholemeal pasta are manufactured in Puglia in the heart of southern Italy nestled in an area rich in tradition and history and which has always been known for the production of Italy’s best durum wheat. The Attilio family oversees the production and quality of Pastificio Granoro from field to your kitchen through their unique and high quality technology, much of which is invented and designed by Mr Attilio himself.

Constantly striving for higher quality and improvements in technology, Pastificio Granoro regularly modernize in order to ensure consistent standards of production in line with the family’s ethics and values. Granoro’s ethics are all based on healthy living, nutrition, diet and well-being for their customers. The Attilio family is passionate about quality raw materials intense in colour and scent typical of ripened golden wheat harvested from their fields in the southern Italian sun.

Enjoy our Granoro wholemeal fusilli drizzled with crème fraiche and tender asparagus tips or try our Granoro wholemeal penne pasta with finely chopped boiled potatoes, green beans and pesto;