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Fraccaro Panfrutto 400g

Fraccaro Panfrutto 400g

The Fraccaro Panfrutto great classic is a delicious cake containing plump raisins, candied orange peel with an exotic amaretto icing.


Founded in 1932 by Elena and John Fraccaro, Fraccaro Spumadoro commenced its bakery in Castelfranco producing delicious Italian sweet treats and bread that it eventually became famous for. The business was so successful that after the war a second location was opened in Borgo Pieve where they specialized in producing exquisite traditional and fragrant Italian cakes including panettone and plum cake. From 1932 until today the core values and ethics of the family traditions remain together with the continued use of skilled and accurate processing methods.

All the Fraccaro products continue to be made traditionally and the business grew and developed over many decades thanks to the solidarity of the Fraccaro family who have ensured that the simplicity and authenticity and long standing atmosphere of a traditional Italian family business remains in place in the 21st century.

Each and every Fraccaro cake, pastry or bread permeate aro