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Chilli Anchovy Jars 200g

Chilli Anchovy Jars 200g

Hidden near the Amalfi Coast, the small village of Cetara is home the IASA, the producer of marvelous, authentic fishy things. Here we have spicy anchovies – perfect to add to add notes of authentic, spicy anchovies to your menu. 

Ittica Alimentare Salerno (IASA) and was among the first companies to preserve the bounty of tuna and anchovies brought in by the local fishermen, and they have developed great techniques for preserving the traditions – while preserving these beautiful products in glass jars. 

Whole salt-cured anchovies are marinated in olive oil and chile peppers allowing the heat of the peperoncino to marry with the sharp brininess of the fish. 

Hand processed and hand packed anchovies, placed in olive oil with hot red chili pepper and tomatoes. Use these spicy anchovies on pizza, pasta or in a panini. Add to Caesar’s Salad and puttanesca recipes.

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