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Carpi Arborio Rice 500g

Carpi Arborio Rice 500g

Arborio risotto rice is one of Italy's most famous exports, grown in the Arborio region in Northern Italy. The Arborio rice grain has a very high starch content, which means it can absorb plenty of flavoursome liquid or stock, without losing its 'bite' when cooked. 

Arborio risotto rice is most popular in traditional risotto or rice puddings. Try using it in a luxurious truffled mushroom risotto, minted pea and asparagus risotto, or a Barolo wine risotto. If you have any leftover risotto, you can cover and chill it and use it the next day. Roll the cooked Arborio risotto rice into balls, coat in panko bread crumbs, and deep fry to make delicious arancini (rice balls). The rice is also very good in soups and risi e bisi - a classic Italian dish of rice and peas. 

Cooks in 16-18 minutes. Ingredients: arborio rice. Store at room temperature.

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